Manifestation Of The Black Spirit

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Manifestation of the black spirit!!!
[1st verse]
I am the one that dwells in darkness, i serve the will of evil
Hatred and disgust fills my soul
An undying hatred for christianity
On the night of the crimson moon a metamorphosis now occurs
Within my black soul
Soon to bring the day of wrath, in my black heart
[repeat 1st verse]
The black spirit manifesting in me, i am now an unholy creation
Having no memory of my former, i am reborn
For i am the great manifestation of the black spirit
The burning desires of lust now fill my spirit with the women of holiness
I fornicate, incubus of shadows, and in their dreams
Planting deep my evil seed, in the disciples of god
Procreating a new race of demonic drones, unleashed upon the earth
To make christianity extinct, feel my vengeance upon thee
A holy death, another christian is murdered
[solo: blackthorn]
In the name of satan, lord of the undivine, destroying divinity
I am the manifestation of the black spirit
King of the nether world, all will praise me
As all the churches burn to the ground!!

Autor(es): Dan Valachovic

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