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Incessant prospecting about fantasizing of the others
Taken from the almighty one - the only thing he bothers
Related to unimportant dreams - one of them is free will
Thinking of what we wish to and simply turn it into real

Manipulated - we realized our lives are totally crashed
Mindless fleshes that cannot think - internally smashed
Became one of them - rusted, waited for the final command
Corrosion filled our veins with immense pressure - it's the end

Depriving of common sense is just a sample
How humans can be controlled - for example

Inhabitants of the outer world use it in a different way
Guiding our senses they are forcing us to go or stay
Changing thoughts into countless words we do not understand
We are a mean marionettes - our knees are gonna bend

Modified brain waves - for their own satisfaction
Manipulation causing complete mind destruction

All time we are wondering - aren't we suppose to be dead
For not listening - executing all those things ordered instead
They lead us and we follow - falling straight into the hollow
Being puppets steered from above - taking well-earned punishment