Man Overboard

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I'm sure that you remember him
He used to come around here a lot
He never wanted much attention
But he could hear the things we taught
He's got a lot of trouble at home
And I've been trying to give him a hand
And lately he's been slipping deeper
And I don't know how long he'll stand
Somebody help me

There's a man overboard
Sinking in the turning tide
There's a man overboard
And I don't know what sent him over the side
But there isn't much time

I know it's easy to shake your head
Say, "too bad" and walk away
I've done it far too many times myself
When I couldn't find a thing to say
But this is my brother, this is my friend
I love him more than I can tell
And I can't bail him out all by myself and
I won't watch him go to hell
Somebody help me

Why are we here?
Why do we live?
How can we take
More than we give?

Autor(es): Mike Schmitz

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