Man's Tight Vest

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Man's tight vest, I can't get in, can't make a nest for myself, yeah. Mmmm yeah. Mmmm yeah.
I feel like a woman, yet I was born a man.
Wished I'd been christened Valerie instead of Stan.
In a man's tight vest I don't fit into this world.
I was born a boy and I wish I was a girl.

No-one understands in this sceptical world
Why I walk like a girl when I talk like man.
Sometimes I feel like a pony, but my feet have ten toes not hooves,
I have stubble on my chin, and a big feminine button nose.

In a man's tight vest, I don't fit into this world.
I was born a boy child, but I wish I'd been a girl.

Am I drawing you a picture, a photograph for your mind,
I'm shaped like a knocker, on the door of mankind.
Bang me once or twice (bang bang bang bang bang bang)
And I'll take off the chain, (bang bang bang bang bang bang)
I answer through the crack to Stanley (?), but if you like you can call me Jane.
I'm so terribly confused (like a swan in a wormhole (?))
Which shoes for what dress?
I'm happy with my nails (even Jesus wasn't jealous) and my hair's a mess.
Bang me on the backside, bang me on the chest,
I'm a woman inside a man, thirty-six in a Man's tight vest.

Autor(es): Stephen Jones