Man Who Wears the Crown

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Watch me slip away,
Leave and now I'm gone
Avoid but never stray
My light has only begun

Feel their bodies burning
Charring them all black and blue
Feel their redemption
Spiraling all over you. Yeah

The fever in my heart
Lies choking now
But temptation never wins
to the man that wears the crown

I've got that feeling
You're never gonna see the day
Sacrifice the demon's
And may your nightmares be washed away


Catch me now I'm falling
Through the hands of God
Leaving's so disturbing
Watching your facade

Soul sacrifice (Never believe what they've told you)
See through your disguise (I am your only friend)
So damn precise (Everything is now in order)
Thread through a needles eye. (Now all you have to do is sign)

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