Midas Knight

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Riding the night
On his solid gold steed
Ready to battle
And answer his need
Computerized man
A digital clone
Thing from the past
His origin unknown

Midas knight
Midas knight

Standing alone
Facing the world
Bright crimson banner
He unfurls
Trespassing force
Soul armored in black
Soldiers of Satan
On the attack
A pass of his lance
A slash of his sword
Go to your knees
Must bow to the Lord

Midas knight
He rides from the sun
Midas knight
He rides for the one
Midas knight
Midas knight
Once a prisoner in hell
Now he's gone
Midas knight
Rides from the sun
Midas knight fade out

Autor(es): Criss Oliva / Jon Oliva / Keith Collins

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