Laura Nyro

Midnite Blue

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Midnite blue
You make me laugh
You make me tremble
But I'm as strong as you
Midnite blue
Midnite blue
You're funny
And I like you too
Shy, sly, gypsy high now
You could touch the sky now
Midnite blue

There's smoke in the kitchen
Shrimps curled
The sun on black velvet
And high stars
At the bottom of the world
Smile all you want
But you know
That I'm fine
In the warm hands
Of midnite blue

Now the river music haunts me
Its spirit calling me
Where's my midnite blue'
I need his melody
Oh, midnite blue
Where are you'
Oh, midnite blue
Come to me
Oh, midnite blue
I need your melody
I need your melody
I need the rhythm of your melody
Cause I love you
Midnite blue

Autor(es): Laura Nyro

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