Margot & The Nuclear So and So's

Mariel's Brazen Overture

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now that we have expired, I should be honest.
Mary, I was unfaithful to you, and it kills me.
And I have a son that I've never met.

Martin, you can be honest with me if you want to, but I don't want all your devils to hold me and haunt me.
'Cause I have a love for you that's absurd.

For 80 miles, oh how we drove.
(I drove) you drove, we drove together!
For 80 miles, puffin; our smokes.
(I smoked), you smoked. We smoked together!

But you loved me. (Yes, I loved you)

For 7 days, oh how we drank. (I drank) you drank.
We drank together! At roadside pubs.
In the rain. (I drank). You drank. Let's drink together.

But you need me. (Yes, I need you)

Mariel! Someone is bleeding the wall.
The house is beginning to crumble!
The baby's on fire. Oh dear!
The zebra's are scaling the roof.
The mice are beginning to scatter. Oh Mary!

You tied my shoes for me.
You tied them tight.
But the roof blew off, and you fell out of love.

I wasted time on you.
I wasted socks.
But the sun went down, and I fell out of love.

Mariel, would you love me if I was a liar?

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