Lou Barlow


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Immaculate conception, yeah right
Crazy Mary it's good that you lied
A test tube baby, seed of the lord
Breaking the law with the man next door

Blame it on an angel, they'll believe
Joseph will wonder but you know he won't leave
They all love you like I still do
Magin in the air, swirling around you

Mary, Mary under veil of stars
You changed the world, you broke my heart
Thank you Mary, you saved me too
They'd stone us both if they ever knew

Sold out the manger, well alright
The mystery baby got a supernova spotlight
They say that he's the One
Brother Joseph got a king for a stepson

Mary kissed me and we lost control
The oldest story never told
Crazy Mary you're forever divine
They'll never know the baby's mine

Autor(es): Lou Barlow