Masks Of God

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King of Kings
King of Jews, Messiah
Seductive pain, delicious pain
The drag of the wounds
of the nails in his hands
Writhe and dance apon the cross...
Embracing knowledge of Angels
Begotten not made
This senseless vanity
of the Nazarene - puppet of God, Jesus
The agony is beginning
To lose its sweetness

[solos - P.S., J.M.]

Veiled yet revealed
Glorious no longer
Bought low before his flock
Behold the man - Jesus

I am the shadow
I hear no reflection
in the mirror of Angels
I have no obligation to reason
Submission is sweet
Chaste virgin mother
Crowned in thorns
and nailed to die
With no mask of god to hide
"I am inside you,
angel look at me"
Blessed be this cunt of god
Blessed be
The agony is beginning
to lose its sweetness

Autor(es): Akercocke

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