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I am lost into this crowd
Looking for you babe where are you now?
The night is dark tonight
Yeah the night is so dark
Can't see you
Round are people dancing tightly together beside
Soon is midnight
Where can I find you you're nowhere
Looking everywhere you're nowhere
Anyway I keep on dancing
You know it's time
Give me a sign around and say you're there
I feel a kind of fear all alone now
And I feel like going away
Away from this crowd of strangers
Just take me away by now

Oh reach me in the dance tonight
Round and round through the lights
By now and take me away

Let's climb upstairs and then see what is wrong in those two rooms
One is full of masked girls and boys sitting down on the floor
One is empty, cold, silent like a mystery

In a masquerade
You hide your face to loose your head with friends
Can change your voice
"Don't try to hide yourself, let taughly talk you heart
Cause no one is the same even under a mask"
In a masquerade