Vitamin X

Master / Monster

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Master screams of victory
Frankenstein in captivity

He says that the world is free
Of war, blood and misery
But master is the one that should be
Put in front of a trial and jurry

The monster was created
By the masters drive to rule

(But if you) look into his brain;
His deeds, ways and actions
Mirror what he learned
From your directions

You did nothing when he was
As tame as the other dogs

The master is the monster!!
When 'master' knowingly creates a monster,
and this monster acts like…a monster, who's
to blame? The 'master' or the monster? It was
master who fed, funded and armed the monster
with weapons of mass destruction. It was
master who supported the monster when he
gassed 10.000's of people, etc. Without master
the monster would've never existed!