Master Of Everything

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Moonlight hidden
By the cloud,
Lighting in the sky
Drawing patterns
Which belong
Only to nature

Chirping of cicadas have drowned
In the most beautiful tones
Of nocturnal music

There is a road in the dark floodlit
By strange shimmer coming from the stars
Transparent but impenetrable
Figure of the night
Enraptures you.

Unique and incomparable
To anything feeling of lightness
Is Full of your
Innermost dreams
Which are revived by
The ideas flying towards
Light breath
Of the wind
Being free like dreams...
It could be compared only
To the feeling of a flight.

You are the master of everything,
It all belongs to you.
Power over everything you see
And feel gives you,
Supremacy over omnipresent
And everlasting nature

Power over all - alive and lifeless,
But mighty - that which don't obey any human law.

You are the only master of everything.
But it was just a dream.
Didn't I realize where I was?
I couldn't doubt the reality
Of all that had happened to me -
So real it was

I became like an infant, who thought
In the language only he could understand
I couldn't have thought
I was a slave to my dream
And was dying slowly.

But I did live, I am alive and I will be!
(I supposed so)'

Autor(es): Asguard

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