Master Of Fate

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Please set me free, from this cruel world
put me to sleep forever, I don't want to be a part of it anymore
Why submit to misery, why should I yield to fate
I will not go through hell if I can control it all myself

Heaps and heaps of money
A private jet, a swimming pool
Pretty women waiting in line
'cause I do everything just right
The world at my feet tomorow
The sun forever shines
One simple action
And I'm in charge of all alive

I've left all behind, there's nothing here that I need
'cause I have found a way, to achieve true happiness

Master of fate, master of fate

I hammer hard, to subdue my tortured brain
Until life functions snap, and I drift away in coma state
I can see paradise, everything within my grasp
It's great to be in coma, I never felt more alive

Master of fate, master of fate

Master of fate, master of fate

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