Masters Of Shattared Dreams

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Failed expectations
Dreams unfulfilled, familiar distance
I bow to them

I admire with my voice all vain hopes
Which deried by the world they just rise
And they go on

To suffer for love? But why?
To grieve for a phantom and be victimized?
In the name of what?

Masters Of Shattered Dreams
I won't be one of you
Hear me just one more time
I save the death with lute
All of you listen to me!
Though I'm all alone
I can't help myself anymore
But I can let you believe

Despite the pearly tears you didn't stay by my side
They were bitterly spilt over the chasm
Above the mysterious throne of distant gods

Why is it the same in life as in the abyss of Hades?
That luck is a dim light, fleeting as a dream
That vanishes all at once

Perhaps I'm going to die
But it's worthwhile
What will I attain?
Will I ever see?

Today I only say:


Autor(es): Chainsaw

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