A Life Divided

Matter Of Sight

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Please help me my shoes worn out
In the middle of the walk
Everywhere i look around
I can hear you talk
Not to scratch the surface off
Not to walk this road

Tell me what it's all about
Could it be that dark?
Whispering without a sound
Did we fall apart?
From everything we did insist?
From anything at all?

So let me go
Let me show
Let me know
That i do know wrong from right
Well it's just a matter of sight

I'm constantly afraid to be
A shadow without wall
So i step inside your factory
Try to please you all
But in the end i have to see
It didn't stop my fall

Don't you hear it calls my name
I'm better off to leave
I pack my jacket full of stains
Please forgive me
For everything i used to be
If you, if you noticed me at all

Please help me my words ran out
In the middle of the song
And everyone who is around
Help to sing along