The Kry


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The wheels are turning
The pieces are falling into place
Must be history's last page
But i am ready to go

The day is coming
Everything seems to point
To your return
Not many are able to discern
But i am waiting for you

For no one knows
The day or the hour
It comes like a thief in the night

Maybe tonight
We will walk the streets of gold
Maybe tonight
We'll be in heaven
Maybe but i don't know
Maybe tonight
Gazing upon the face of god
Maybe tonight
Nothing else matters
Nothing else matters more

I'm persuaded
Each breath is a step closer to you
The only thing worth living for is to
Just hear you say well done

Hard to imagine
Your pierced hands
Will hold me when i'm there
Wounds given in the
House of your friends
So you could call me your own

Cause me to follow
Not wait for tomorrow
Find me watching when you come

Find me still
Find me at rest
Find me
Grounded in your word
Find me alive!

Cause just maybe
Well just maybe
Well maybe soon there will be
A million reasons to be found in you
Just maybe
Well maybe
There'll be a reason…