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There´re so many things to say
Things we never told
Here inside of me I´m feeling insecure
Even beside you I know that I can grow
´Cause guarantee is the only thing I´m looking for

Ponte: Up to now, I´ve heard your news
I look around, I´m still confuse

Pretend what you cant´t be
It´s worst than be the same
Each day is a new chance to put down all this shame
Open your mind now, these words should be the truth
And this is the last time that I got to say this to you


Maybe we´re made up to allow
Leave all the angers going down
Maybe we´re changing things around
Take to the world what you found

It´s true I´ll remember
The days we were so sure
Laughs and shouts were just the cause, the problems, the rules
We are so far now
Each one on the way we suppose
Trying to find out what this life is really for



Leave it behind you
The fears out of control
Believe what´s inside you
It´s all that you can show
It´s coming down the tears of all before

Autor(es): Paulo De Tarso / Raphael Mendes

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