Me And Mine

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I can't believe I found you,
There's everything around you,
Cos an Amazona fire,
Could turn and wash your truths from lies.
Cos surely you're too pure.
To complement my guilt and your.
So how can I be sure.
And then I can hold up.
Wait a minute.
Everybody's found
Hush or a sound
Sleeping it around.
Harm myself.
Washed away
Washed away.
And don't you know I want you?
Can't you see I need you?
And baby all the time.
Is only me and mine.
I only wanna breathe.
I never wanna hold you down.
The only time I feel.
Is when you stop to hold up.
Wait a minute.
Maybe I'll not find,
Can't be there to find.
All my time.
Washed away.
Washed away.
It's easy when I hold you.
You're nearly there I cling to.
When I was me I'm sure.
If only you can breathe and oh.
So are we gonna find,
The wonder that I see outside?
Don't wanna shut my eyes.
When everything would hold up.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Everybody's fine.
Close my mind.
Only me and mine.
All my days.
Washed away.
Washed away.

Autor(es): Alfie