All Get Out

Me And My Lovers

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I am simple, I am honestly bland.
I am the leader of a few good men.
I am buried in another's yoke.
I am calm, only my failures make me choke.
My retribution for my sin was to hand.
Handing over all my lovers intent.
A man of work has no time to share.
His heart embossed on his calloused feet and hands and hair.

I found comfort on the page of a psalm.
Close your mouth boy just hum along.
I was born in that reproach.
Don't speak hate so I spoke with yes and no's.
I loved the way the children always ask why.
Call and return, maybe to pass the time.
So I was wrong in my approach.
Be a child for as far as you can go.

If not your place to speak then don't waste your voice.
It's not your right to ask and hell it's not your choice.
If I wanted to come back then what did I learn here.
There are things you cannot see and things I cannot be to anyone.

Nothing is sweeter than the fruit that holds tight.
Tight through the wind and all the creatures at night.
But I love the fallen seeds.
Premature and always in some kind of need.