Frozen Mist

Melancholic Willows

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Rust upon this shimmering light, we're all alone in our little world.
I fade to sleep into the black, your soul has grown so tired.

An adventure where the path splits in two
A fork in the road, this magical slumber.
I taste these succulent and beautiful dreams
Mesmerised in lushious shades of solitude.


Enchanting places of wilting doom
Your breath conceived to fill the air.
The crisp echoes of running water
Gives life to the sounds of your beautiful voice.

My condolent emotions dispersed into tears.
"Melancholic willows," an apathy of fears.
Floating embers of distress, I kiss the clear blue skies.
Falling tears from heaven listen to my distraught cries.

Songs of praise, my deadly angel
Sing your verse of elusive death.
Words to amaze my lonely angel
Sing your melody of haunting breath.
A waveform sprinkled across the darkened air
Harmonic symphonies that bring us despair.
Cryptic notes will always carry you there
Beyond the forest and up the twisted stairs.
Once upon a wicked time, you seemed like you never cared
Altars of guiding faith, broken shards, elusive nightmares!!
(An altar of shining faith, fragments of consistent nightmares!!)



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