Frozen Mist

Melody Reactor

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Into the eyes of a soulless mind
The treachery fears the wicked so blind
Battles undone in a state of forget
Screams unheard in a shadow of light.
Give melody a peace in her mind
Nuclear winters have left me to die
Shattered dreams never come to life
Beautiful ashes drift from a high.

Swallow the devastation
Bury me in this reactor of forclosure...
No reactions can be seen
Look into my tearful eyes, tell me what you bleed.

Shut me down just let me drown
Fall into the precious dreams
Don't ever wake me up
I am as blissful as can be.
So whimsicial, I feel you inside
Sacrifice your soul unto me
The beveled gallery which I forsee
This obscurity lies my destiny.

Penetrate the underworld
Search for the relic to bring you back...
A poison elixir empties into the black
The hollowness disappears.

Erase your mind to never dream again
The smoke rises into the thin air
So low you are to think this way
Never be requested to come again.

Uninvited shadows present your gift
The grey skies of eternal bliss
Fracture my every thought
Capture this moment, I long to live.

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