John Taylor


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We're headed for a meltdown...
We're headed for a meltdown and if you don't mind
I'll disappear
I've no desire to hand around within this grim theatre
We're headed for a meltdown
No more of your favourite tunes going round
I'm no jukebox feed me quarters light me up
I'd be headed for a meltdown
with you and you and especially you- Meltdown

Now don't take this personal but I think we've got a meltdown
I've felt this way one hundred times but
Putting feelings into spielings has not been my speciality
I've packed my case we're headed west facing up to the test
Proving my religion proving one on one it can be done
I'm heading for a meltdown
We're all we're all- Meltdown

Stormclouds gather diplomats scatter
What once were threats turn to reality
Warnings overtime gone unheeded
Attitudes instead of changing harden
Daily routine turns to boredom
Boredom? You wrote the book on boredom, Norton
It's getting harder everyday just to be yourself
I'm sick of hearing "things are going to change, things are
going to change"
When the only thing that's changing is me
And this me just ran out of sympathy
Now I hate to be the harbinger and please don't shoot
the messenger
But we've passed the point of talk oh yeah we've past
the point of talk
We're headed for a meltdown