Ana Free


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Said I'm gonna be sad without you
Cuz my life is all about you
The ocean stole you from me in its waves

But I'm gonna move on to live now
Forget about you somehow
Cuz everything I'd hoped for is gone to waste

And the sun is setting
Out on the horizon
And over it I try to paint to face

But my eyes are cloudy
And all I know is how much I
Long for you but I can't have your embrace
I love for you but I just can't find your face


It's gonna be a long long night to get through
A long long time to find you
A long long list of memories I'll write down to forget
Times I feel mistaken
I thought you'd never leave my heart aching
Look how wrong I was
I gave you all my trust
And now there's no more us
I'm leaving when I find my feet again

Today I went to where you used to get me
I'd love you if you'd just let me
I'd swim inside that ocean to get you back

Cuz I'm tired of waiting
And if it comes to nothing
Then it's pointless staying here I'm going back

Cuz I've fought for so long
And it's me you turn your back on
I fought for a chance to stay in your embrace

But it seems like it's worth none
Somethin' I don wanna have to think on
So over it I try and erase your face
I said over it I try and erase your face