T (Tasha)

Memories (Smiling Tears) [English version]

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Intro : Hell on earth watchin our lives pass by nothin but the truth it hurts you can't deny hell on earth no pausin for love when cats run up it's all about flossin we stuck we outta luck

( check it out .. lady t .. sphere your influence .. sakura .. just a state of mind )

Chorus: All the memories of hate and the lies don't you know eventually we'll pay the price all the hopes and the dreams will survive reunite we got to keep our faith alive

Verse 1: D4mn how did we get here we're livin in fear how history repeats itself can never stir clear cries for help ring in my ear from the sheer terror of it all...I shed a tear can't disappear sometimes I wish the end was near but back to reality where life still exist we're still on this earth but we got shackles on our wrists must be the reason why you never even stopped to lend a hand too caught up in your ways for you to try to understand

Verse 2 (sphere): I keep dwelling in the past and it mite be your last time breathin runnin from the bullets that passed without reason i'm thinkin who could be next "am I the target" sittin on my i'm stressed. What's it's all worth givin off birth to hate..i contemplate survival joinin the race wat we facin the same shi!t different place gotta get along now yea our futures at stake

Chorus: All the memories of hate and the lies don't you know eventually we'll pay the price all my hopes and dreams they seem so far away imma sing this song and pray for better day

Verse 3 (sphere): do you believe or are you the one to deceive i'm just tryna find peace while you held up and freeze comin thru epidemic can you cure this disease yo our lives on the line yea you know what I mean human beings created the guns aided the funds for war assembling troops hiding the truth we mourn never to late to find yourself reborn connectin overseas it's on word is bond

Verse 4: So there you have it my whole life with all it memories i'm tryna figure out how to set all of my pain free sometimes I wish that I could turn the hands of time back so I could rewrite the wrong and put my life back on the rite track wake up to reality try to accept the way it is they say that lifes not what you take it's your willingness to give that's why I wrote this song in hopes to heal the pain within cause after that I know that's when my life truly begins


Outro: imprinted in our minds from the minute we were born wit misconceptions of life that's how our lives get torn I say we wake up from this dream and let the sunlight in so we can help each other heal the pain within

understandin, demandin, thoughts are abandoned hand in hand and relate keep hangin on till the teardrops gon till my son will be born till my soul will live on forever