Memories I've Saved

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No, I'm not a man of lies
I'm living a sacrifice
More than I can endure

Now, I'm breaking all the chains
Releasing all my dreams
Breathing the smokes of fate

Now I can write the game

I have seen the sevens seas
His precense in the wind
Surrounded by the flames

Die your paltry evil mind!
Now I can see you, playwright
As the actor on my stage!

All my feelings have been cast

(On the space) Where I'll live alone forever
(At this way) Memories I've saved
(I'll be there) Crossing through
the gates of heaven
(I can't forget) Memories I've saved

Beyond the mystic circles
The temple of the gods
I'm diving to the whirpool
The ocean of my thoughts

I know I must be strong
To realize that way
Just take all this ashes
And throw away in the space