Troubled Hubble

Mrs. Wiskerson

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Dear Mrs. Wiskerson,
I'm in love with you
Red butts on monkeys
I need you in my life
Your delightful smile
The way that your whiskers
tickle my face when we kiss

And dear Mrs. Wiskerson
I need to live with you
Then we can travel to Timbuktu
And we can go to the local zoo
And open a fresh batch of grape Kool-Aid

Dear Mrs. Wiskerson,
I drove to your house
Those goddamn motorcycles
Kept us away
Dear Mrs. Wiskerson,
I drive to your house
No matter where you were
Or how long it takes

Dear Mrs. Wiskerson,
I'm so sick of this
I miss you
Won't you please come home?
Dear Mrs. Wiskerson,
Aren't you sick of this?
Aren't you tired of sleeping alone?

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