Mental Spirit And Flesh

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Perperual immolated by darkness desire
Conjure the sculpture of night
Closed in landscape leaving this moral burden
Somewhere behind
Forgive is forgotten art
Moulding into the strenghtfull essence of chaos
Wrath my guide
Speech to demons
I complain my sanity twice
Featuring careless upon madness
Feasting with demented mind
...glebia samontnosci wlasnych niemych uczuc
Obfity w gniew nekam szeptem witraz namietnosci
Deszcz ksiezyca
Lawa z przestrzeni
W duchowym tancu podswiadomych pasji
Wachlarz euforii
Eritycznei woni
Grzech stworzenia
Oburzam sie posepnym sumienien...
My chasm
Left through immortal tranquillity
Diabolical visions upon infinity
Blood's darkening
Mind's rapture is now completed
Only passions of being mentally ill

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