Mercenary Politician

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Mercenary politician
That eludes the population
Corrupt false
Now they are your friends
A handshake a strong embrace
To kiss a slum boy you bastard
Your falseness touch's me
You can use your hypocrisy
In a trick previously prepared
To take the beast to the power

Mercenary politician
Promising what you can't do
Education safety
Are your aims now
Under pledge of changes
At coast of a vote you pig
It's a sad reality
Your promises are a trap
Prepared by your rabble
To the ordinary helpless people

Your frauds will be found out
The swindles will be exposed
But as always it will go unpunished
Your dirty money
Can't corrupt many people
Seduce other ones
But not everybody

Your crime is indiscussable
But the justice is failed
Your social condition helps your
Impartiality revolt's me
Mercenary politician
Death warranty is your fate
There must be something
In your conscience
Wich hurts you
Till the end of your life

Autor(es): Beco / Evandro / Paulo