Max Tundra


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I'm feeling flirty
Must be you heard me
My knee is hurty
I'm nearing thirty

I'm taken to task evade
Distractions fill up my nights
"Look at the Cakes I made"
I sing through a pair of stretched tights
Continuing down the page
The queen of Haverstock Hill
Onto a marble stage
arrives and tells us about the

Cassettes and catgut
A squealing sackbut
I toast a pine nut
and serve it in my hut

Downstairs they're playing trance again
That awful bendy guitar
Up through the floor again
It's 9 AM 'til I cry
and Time And A Word, my friend
inspires me more than guitars
Playing in four that end
exactly how they began

Six months without an argument
A girl with tresses like yours
is what I always meant
I should have done this before
The second or third attempt
at making somebody mine
Seems to have worked for now
I think I'm going to be fine