Manic Depression

Messenger Of God

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Lurk - keep dark
Hidden self-made superior
Playing dearest violence
Cold and methodical, random and passionate
Haunted loved and silenced
Face the mirror
The face of pleasure, the face of self-hate
Once unnoticed, the shadow of shadow
Staring death in its eyes

Macabre crime scenes, in blood i write my message to your god
Investigate explore and hide my message to your god

Restrain me, label me "non compos mentis"
You have no guts to face the face of reasons
Have the muscle of control
Have no brains to control, forceless idle hold
Life we live is always pregnant
With someone like me to continue that mission
left them alone and eternally dead
Released of this false existence fiction

Explore my blood my sperm my brain
Pathetic cowards, they think they can overthrow me
Call insane everyone who is not fit
In borders of your damned society
Condemned to death, nothing to regret
Spit on your world, see the smile on my face
They will not let me out but if they do
I will continue to kill and kill again

You can cage but you can't stop the unnamed messengers of god
realise true messages of god
Investigate explore and hide true message of your god
realise true messages of god

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