Leon Russell

My Father's Shoes

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What can I say to this town of my woe
When it looks up to me for the answers
You've got trust in his eyes and so gentle sun weed
What all the words I can say

Can I tell him of my life
And can it be you for as long as lights go
An example to follow
I finally remembered someday
What all the words I can say

I could say I want
Well, the world ain't just like you
And I understand, seen your feelings
The Greyhound in lying on the finger on my face
The old man is always acting that way

And now I think of my daddy
He wore these kind of shoes
And after all this time
I think I know him

I'd like to say I love him
But the time has passed away
What all the words I can say
What all the words I can say


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