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I could sense the static
Must have been the season
Climbed into the attic
Looking for the reason
She came up to find me
Saw me in the rafters
Just stood there behind me
Asked what I was after

I thought she was stronger
She said "I'm a sparrow
I can't stay here much longer
Up here it's all hollow"
She took time in leaving
Said she must be going
Up here in the evening
I had no way of knowing

She's day, I'm night
Is it wrong that I'm right?

In this loft I'm lying
Darkness starts me yawning
Dusk brings clouds on crying
Rain on eve and awning
Down there she is sleeping
Warm-lit fireside scene
She wakes to hear me creeping
Down from my mezzanine

This girl, this roof
This world is leakproof

This world, this roof
This girl is leakproof

Autor(es): The Lucksmiths

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