Delbert McClinton

My Sweet Baby

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My sweet baby ain't no good-timin' friend
She sticks right with me on her love I depend
She ain't the kind of girl that stays all in your hair
And I try to treat her good so she'll always be there

My old buddies used to come around
To see my sweet baby until they found
There ain't no use in barking up this old dog's tree
'Cause that sweet little girl don't want no-one but me

And I love my sweet baby
'Cause she's, oh, so damn good to me

My old girlfriend called me up on the phone
I wished you was here to tell her I was not home
I had to say, now, honey, you're wastin' your dime
And you need to find some other way to spend your time

'Cause I love my sweet baby
She's so damn good to
Oh, I love my baby
She's so damn good to

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