The Saw Doctors

Midnight express

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(verse 1)
So far from home,
my cry of pain,
won't ease my longing heart,
i miss you mam,
i miss you dad,
i'm fallin apart

though when i look out my window,
throuh a winters evening rain,
i see the same sky you see at home,
somehow its not the same.

Yes, and i'm longing to get home,
how i miss all your loving smiles,
and oh how the winter bites,
when your so far awayfor so long,
for far too long.

(verse 2)
Is my girl still there,
does she visit you,
is she still as pretty as ever,
does she ask for me,
'cause i long for her,
i need her more than ever,
so tell her it won't belong,
until i'm home to stay,
and i won't ever go again,
by her side i'll always stay.

yes, oh how the winter bites,
when you're so far away for so long,
for far too long.

Autor(es): Davey Carton

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