My Little Pony

Midnight Lament

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Tia, sister, can I have your advice?
Can I ask you once more?
Have you ever felt crushed
With the guilt that you
Hold inside despite the love of your friends
And the strength that they lent?
A feeling so lingering
Leaving you spent

I can still recall the way that it felt
On my own in isolation
Kept away from hurting all that I loved
With the jealousy that I
Let myself have, and though I'm trying to heal
It's hard to let go of the past that I made so real

'Cause I've missed you so dearly, and it's been far too long
Can you ever forgive me for what I did wrong?

Luna sister I am so sorry for
All the ways I ignored
How unhappy you felt
And the burdens you bore
Those years ago still fresh in my mind
Through the passing of time
But I won't let our past
Mask the joy of your return

A thousand winters finally come to a close
As a spring approaches to
Erase the frozen wasteland left in the wake
And after all this time we can finally
Fly in the cool night sky, and frolic running through the fields
We can spend time together like we should have all those years ago

So please don't be sad, Lu, cause I'm just glad you're back
I'm just grateful to have you home

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