Banner Pilot


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I've chased this blue moon down all night,
have I been gaining any ground?
Your picture's stapled to my dash.
I'm done killing time in gray ghost towns.
I'm heading south in search of life;
the blinding turns, the twisting knives,
now I'm just driving straight on.

I'll scrape the freezing rain off this window pane;
a couple states from sane, eyes aching, drift awaken.
Until the ice bleeds blue, until the green shoots through.
Until I get to you, I'll brace for your screen door.

Gravity struck, I rolled downhill.
Seen depths I've never seen before.
It's hard to warm against concrete;
you can't wrap your arms around a floor.
So now I beat a fast retreat back to SLP and your street;
can you just hold on?

Living reckless and naive;
it's always so easy to leave but then it's hard to get back.
I closed my eyes and I looked at you,
counted up all of my mistakes,
choked some more muddy coffee back,
and did my best just to stay awake.

If I could just stay awake,
don't know why I left you.

Autor(es): Banner Pilot / Nick Johnson