Miles From Here

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Do you think that you could feel the same as me?
Or are we destined to ignore what's meant to be?
Seems like we're fighting wars to try and set the scores
On both our lives
Just cast your eyes on me and what you've left to see
Is slowly dying

And I can't believe it's really worth all of the pain
All the news that's gone before has just taken time away
And the blood that's shed on all the pieces still in place
They were never meant to be, so why can't you see
That I know that it's so.

Well I always hoped this time might never end
But we reached the point of no return again
And only turned away without a word to say
And left me crying
Don't make the world turn back, just let it fade to black
And let me die

Just tell me once again that you'll never change your mind
Leave wherevers gone before and whatevers left to find
Oh and I can't believe I ever let you rule my life
Now there's nothing left to say, but the words won't fall away
I know that it's so