2AM Club

Miley Cyrus

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Moved to los angeles
Real estate analysts
Girls with adult jobs laughing passing cannabis
Drunk dancing with hannah montana and some actresses
Everything out her mouth is wildly average
When she fuck she look right into camera
She don't have a problem with lights she can handle it
I cant abandon them shannons with no ambition
Mannequins who could turn a viagra to an ambien
Aliens in beachwood canyon cleaning up blood with a panda express napkin
Porsche panamera watching captain america
Captions should we high like gas in america
She blew half of her inheritance
I'm looking right down the barrels end
Some marilyns, jewish girls christmas caroling
So turn up the rpms and the rem

Four letter words that describe what you do the best
Play fuck burn down trees girl you a mess
Pills bills ain't nothing when you got what's in your dress
Let me guess
You just want that lifestyle bullshit

Moved to los angeles
Star maps my atlases
Hang with my alexander wang out acting rich
Huffing paint with arianna huffington
Looking in your eyes but I wanna see your other end
Wanna see your other friends
These ones in underfed
Barely see her head under her cap from the hundreds
An abundance of underage undead
Girls in hyundais who tumblr about how its unfair
Saw four girls watching saw 4 make a bra fort
We chance soft to hardcore I'ma call more
Zombies on all fours in some paul smith
Mixing liquor with some all sport
In the mall questioning what is it all for?
We all heading to the dance floor or the morgue
So I'ma get my christina billion on on
And put my don juan all over her pom poms



So many reasons
For you stay
People say its your heart
But only want you for your vertebrae
As long as you got a
Ticket to ride
You should take it baby
You got a ticket to ride, baby