Militant Raw 2

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[Verse 2]
This is the illest war recorded, from Glory to Soldier Story
Organizing a regime to leave your team gory
They can't hack it, so I'm strappin on my Full Metal Jacket
So is to bomb the population in the upper tax bracket
So we can uplift these inner-city sanctions
And once my message cranks in..., bring the tanks in
Then I'm bombin from an aircraft carrier
Final Fantasy Tactics back to space harrier
In other words, new schools are old, check my smart bomber
Check my triple-W-dot-Akrobatik-dot-com
Check my plan of attack for world dominance
It ain't no over the top hate shit, just common sense
I'm intense beyond your definition
Blow a million heads up with out no ammunition
Or no pistol, just this New England Patriot missile
To explode your frame, leavin no remains except your gristle
I get respect, 21 gun salute
Got many rhyme philosophies but none pollute...the brain
I spiritually massage you to the core
My style is type militant raw

**skratching various samples into fade**