Killah Priest

Mind As a Weapon

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feat. Hell Razah
[Hell Razah]
4th Disciple, what what, Sunz of Man
Sunz of Man.. Heaven Razah, Killah Priest
Killah Priest, knowI'msayin'?
Prodigal Sunn, 60 Sec... 60 Sec. (yeah)
The Ambassador, yeah, ha, what?
Check.. yo.

[Chorus 3X: Hell Razah w ad-libs]
Sunz of Man, what? We come together like gasses of The Sun
There comes a time without no money, drugs and guns
Just the Mind as a Weapon for the blind, deaf and dumb

[Hell Razah]
Here we come, here we come, use the truth to overcome.
Here we come, here we come, here we come.

After my dagger enters, blood drips from ya liver
I set up real world niggaz out like I'm Tommy Hilfiger
Take the motive vibe, eye of a killer
Place drugs and arms on drug dealers
Satan says "Satan get behind me"
Georgio Armani, custom garments made from Godbody
I said the truth hurts ya weak spot like karate
IlluminatiFBI's couldn't watch me
You won't survive with a Versace
or when the gunshot hit ya body
I'm on some next shit, it's a war, get out ya Lexus
You on my guest list, so choose ya exit
to ya deathwish, the useless get buried my a homocidal of unnecessary
We be drinkin' royal wine, pumpin' wine berries
I never drink the blood of Mary, ya ass don't scare me
The enemy is my worst enemy
Virus to this music industry, come and deliver
ya water, ya penalty, niggaz they be killin' me
like they mobsters from Italy
Meanwhile Kings hate Queens in captivity
Al Capone clones and brains in slave chains
Check the herobome, transportin' through white robes
Headphones and telephones, to make the unknown known
Before sticks and stones broke bones
We was conquerin', Roman gold robes

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