Planet Gemini


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You misdirect me
a pain so cold and light so clear
a mind so empty,
a voice inside I just can't hear
You might say it's nothing,
you might say it's all a dream
The emptiness and sorrow,
My soul is tainted with your being

You misdirect me,
with thoughts so dark and so impure
And now the sickness dies,
in my heart there is no cure.
But nothing lasts forever
and sure enough
that's why you brought me here
And you could tell me never,
but never's not the words
I need to hear

You misdirect me,
with hopes of one day to be free.
and now I feel so cold
that your fire shelters me
I search at night for reasons,
an answer to your evil masquerade
A cry out for forgiveness,
another life that's lost and can't be saved.

You misdirect me,
With words I praise I've lost in flames
And now I feel so lost
that I can't recall my name
I lurk inside the shadows..
Looking for a place to call my home
A cry out to the masses,
to save me from this life I live alone

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