Miss Martha

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Hey, Miss Martha, can I
Hey, Miss Martha, can I
Beg you to make some time
For Jesus Christ?

With angry looks she cooked
And set food down before Him
She never took a break at all
Then Martha said to Christ
I'm left to wash and dry
My sister pays no mind
She sits on her... behind

She was aghast perhaps
At how the Lord responded
He said "relax and settle down
You've mopped and swept and wiped
It kept you occupied
And while it killed the time
You left the best behind"

Martha looks as if she was a very busy bee
But she had a bee inside her bonnet
As the custom was she ran the house with guests around
Without help
Well, these dishes ain't just gonna go do themselves
And the silverware, it needs some polish
Really, Lord, if I don't clean it never gets done
No one ever helps me, Lord, it's filthy - that's the problem