Mists Of Eternity

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Algol, to Thee I sing my song
Oh star of Evil and obscene light,
Perpetual in your seductive nothingness
Grant me thy power, grant me thy all-devouring might...

For I am a feeble human soul
Itching for the planetary rule
To become one with the Elements...
To hover above the Cosmic seas eternally...

From the depths of my darkest nightmares
Reincarnated, I rise again...
Conceiving the glorious future awaiting me
Far beyond the limits of earthly fancies

Within the dominions enslaved by torment
Thousand human cries sound so sweet...
Their tears run dry
Crimson limbs, crowned with suffering
Enthroned through embalmment...

Pale forespoken skies turn black again and forever
Sunset is near, nightfall comes - my desired destiny
Silhouettes clothed in twilight crawl into my burial dream
Rulers of the visionary land, they endow me with their ecstasy
I wither and behold the clouded landscapes grow dim...

Lost is my visual form, forgotten is my former life
Now I'm at one with mists of eternity...

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