Mody On The Turnpike

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Wow, what a ton of fun I'm sitting on the 101 in traffic and scratching on my ass again I guess it's out of habit 'cause 'cause it doesn't itch I fidget and I'm switching my position so my weight is on my left butt cheek

Pissed cause I know my shitty phone is gonna ring again I want to fucking chuck it off an overpass I never want to think about a million little problems and I'm gonna hit ignore because I don't agree that we must speak

'Cause I gotta get away I know gotta take a break I'm booking a vacation
Doesn't matter watcha call it, I'm a total workaholic and I haven't even made the time to have a any relationship in five damn years

Moving at the speed of light because I was afraid of living in the dark I always gotta finish what I start although I'm sorry that I didn't do the dishes, I was busy but I'll get 'em in the morning if the time appears

Autor(es): George Watsky

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