Molly Coddled

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Not exactly in the lap of luxury, you were not quite of blue blood, but
you know you went to bed with a belly full of supper, you were safe as a
bug in a rug, you were swaddled and jolly Molly Coddled, like a dolly
and your mommy maybe gave a little shrug when you threw a temper tantrum
for another piece of something that other kids only dream of. Baby face,
baby face, looking for a season in hell, baby face, baby face, I hope
you learn your lesson well. Now you've chosen poverty, you did it for
the sake of being hip, begging for a dollar never doubling for a moment
your bohemian indigence, and you wonder why the folks in your run down
neighbourhood don't recognize you as a kindred soul, 'cause you gotta
bed in a sunny sub-division any time you wanna run home.