The Bear Quartet

Mom and Dad

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I caught mom and dad making out
Realizing for the first time they were human
They were outside it was summer
They were clearly insane
And i peered from behind the curtains

Mom wore a long black dress
And dad had his blue jean shirt on
I'd woken up from a dream
And i couldn't go back to sleep

Cutting class in the first grade
What do you make of that
My life was run by books and television
Running manic down the stairs
At the age of eight
Where do all these memories fit in

Stealing pornography
Caught with my pants on my feet
I'm still stuck somewhere between
Who i was and who i wanted to be

My god it's coming out
I can't stop feeling now
Whatever made me wait this long
I am still the same
But in a different way
Whatever whatever it all remains

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