Vienna Teng


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Why am I walking barefoot
Upon this road with no one around
I close my eyes to this decision
The night's like coffee to my tongue

Like waking up without a sound
I map the words out
Maybe you will say them
Would you help me rise up

Touch my face and watch me try to breathe again
Would you let me do this
Burn down the final wall

Overcome me baby
Overcome me baby
Overcome me baby
Overcome me yeah
All I'm asking is to be alive for once

Always I am mistaken
I look for love, I find a stone
Of all the seasons winter befriends me
I come to you in friendship

And hold my breath against the snow
What are you thinking as I gaze into you
Forgive me the confusion
Forgive me as I realize my thoughts betrayed

You are the answer
Cry and smile the same


Autor(es): Vienna Teng

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