MS Krazie

Mommy's Little Girl

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[Verse 1:]
When I had you I was only 16 years old
But never once did I think my love for you was wrong
See mama loved you mija since before you were conceived
I already had the love in time for when I would receive
Your tender love and precious heart little hands grab my finger
I wish I could explain you took my finger off the trigger
Since the first day the doctors told me that I would have you
So full of joy me and your dad wanted 2 hug you
You were never a mistake I wanted to get pregnant
Never regretted the days of throwing up my breakfast
Cuz all my love and my life es para ti
Te quiero mucho mi ninita tu eres todo para mi

Angel de amor
Razon de mi existir
Espere por ti
Espere por ti
Solamente tu cambiaste mi sentir
Mija es por ti espere por ti

[Verse 2:]
Cuando naciste no gritaste
Si tu supieras la tristeza que yo siento al recordarte
Mi baby tu eres todo para mi
La razon por la que vivo
Y cuando escribo mis canciones es por ti que sigo
Estando lejos de ti es como vivir sin agua
Te necesito aqui conmigo porque sin ti no soy nada
Tu mami te quiere mija eso te lo aseguro
El camino hacia la fama cada vez esta mas duro
Por eso sigo aqui yo tratando de asegurarte un futuro
En cada rima que yo hago
Trabajo el que tu padre hace por nosotras
Te cuidi y te protegi yo aqui en las consolas


[Verse 3:]
Cassandra mi reigna
Youre grandma told me you can count
I cant wait to be with you and see what thats about
Shes taking care of you just for a while
I heard your message on the phone and my face got a smile
I know youre doing pretty good cuz my mom is there with you
But everytime that I'm alone I cant help but think of you
What your doin what your playing are you missing me as well
When its me and you no'mas everything else can go to hell
I wont let nobody hurt you and thats on my vida
Rather give away my life before I let them touch my nina
Boliche te quiero I love you mi preciosa
Y por ti yo siempre haria what it takes y qualquier cosa

[Chorus x2]