Monarch Omega

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Innocence, intervals I cannot recall
Eliminated and replaced, with psychotic animals
Obedience, disassociation overhaul
Synapses interface with cerebrally integrated protocols

Slipping in and out of sentience
Excruciating senses
Bio-cybernetic enhancements
Installed on adolescents

Monarch omega
Monarch omega

Isolate, traumatized until fractional
Split into a clean slate, readily extractable
Indoctrinate, fabricate the unnatural
Victimize and segregate, agitate the irrational

Triggered metamorphosis
Emotionless psychosis

Circumventing my own existence
Manifesting someone completely different

The wicked soul emerges
Corrupted flesh personified

A blank stare mechanical
Fragment of a shattered mind

Eradicate, my purpose unmistakable
Silently infiltrate, erase the erasable
Assassinate, a face I find unnameable
Though he tries to run his fate is inescapable

Victory not yet certified
I celebrate my own suicide

Monarch omega
Monarch omega

Autor(es): Abnormality

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